How To Survive Recent Earthquakes

recent earthquakesSo many people live in areas which prone to earthquakes. That’s why it is always significant to learn how to survive from recent earthquakes. It is because people need to know what to do when earthquake happen or after the earthquake happen. Since earthquake can happen in anywhere around the globe, it is crucial for everyone in everywhere to learn the best way to survive in case earthquake happens in sudden. Now, let’s read this following information to learn how to survive during and after earthquakes.

Learn How To Survive From Recent Earthquakes

Let’s begin with talking about how to survive an earthquake. There is a method to survive an earthquake suggested by the American Red Cross. The method is called drop, cover and hold. In this case, you should drop yourself under a sturdy table or desk and then protect your face by pressing it against your arm. When the recent earthquakes pass, you can leave the room and go outside to follow evacuation instructions. However, it is important for you to learn the danger spots as you move to the outside. For instance, a spot like a kitchen in your home can be dangerous, so you may think about choosing another way to go outside instead of passing the kitchen.

After talking some ways to survive during earthquakes, it is also important for us to talk about what to do after the earthquakes happen. When the earthquake has just stopped, you should check yourself and them around you for injuries. If possible, you should supply first aid for them who need it. Then, you should make sure to check any damage to gas, water or electric lines. Stay away from the damage if you think that you can handle it right away. That’s all a little information about how to survive from recent earthquakes.

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