Actress Celebrity Plastic Surgery

celebrity plastic surgeryBesides of the famous K-pop, South Korea also famous as their drama which is movies series that could captivate everyone hearts. Their drama production is always great and touched the heart of the viewers. Recently, there is a famous drama which is name scarlet heart you in this drama the lead female is an actress and famous singer which is IU. IU is one of the actress celebrity plastic surgery. The rumor said IU doing the job for his nose but until now there is no confirmation about the rumor that has spread for a speedy fast.

Korean Actress Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Celebrity Plastic Surgery in South Korea is a common thing. If woman or man is not satisfied with the face or bodies they had, they can fix it by doing the beauty surgery or the strict diet. Moreover for those whose being an actress keeping her body keep fit and slim and their faces as pretty as they debuted before is a must. That’s why many actresses are doing the strict diet to get the bodies that they wanted. Not only to satisfied their thirst of being beauty, in Korea if you do not have beauty face or beauty body you will get bullied by Korean citizen. Bully in Korea is such a bad habits that cannot be assured yet. Bullying in Korea is still being the main reason for the people whose doing suicide. To avoid being bullied by many people that are why many women or a man whose had bullied in school are doing the surgery after they are graduated from high school. It’s such a bad tradition but it’s been happening since a long time ago.

For the actress that filming drama, they have to keep the body stay slim. Because Korea citizen silly pays attention in other to check out someone bodies. If the actress had a little celebrity plastic surgery, the citizen will be realized and be talked about the topic in one month or more.

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